4WD RC Drift Car: Unleash Your Inner Drift King!



4WD RC Drift Car: Unleash Your Inner Drift King!



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Conquer corners and master drifts with this high-performance RC car!

Imagine shredding corners and performing epic drifts like a pro! The Huangbo 4WD RC Drift Car lets you experience the thrill of RC racing at home. This electric-powered car boasts precise wireless remote control and high-performance features perfect for drifting maneuvers. Choose from a variety of bold colors to match your style and dominate the competition (or impress your friends).

4WD RC Drift Car: Unleash Your Inner Drift King!


  • Master the Drift: Engineered for smooth drifting and cornering, this RC car lets you hone your racing skills.
  • Wireless Control: Take complete command with the intuitive wireless remote control for precise maneuvers.
  • Electric Power: Experience exhilarating performance with the long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Multiple Colors: Choose from a range of head-turning colors to personalize your ride.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Attributes: Battery Included, Oversized
  • Package Size: 295mm x 285mm x 140mm
  • Car Size: 180mm x 80mm x 50mm
  • Brand: Huangbo
  • Special Features: Drift Racing
  • Remote Control: Wireless

4WD RC Drift Car: Unleash Your Inner Drift King!


  • Q: What age is this RC car appropriate for?
  • While the Huangbo RC Drift Car can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults, it might be a bit too advanced for younger children. Due to its small size and high-performance nature, it’s recommended for ages 14 and up.
  • Q: How long does the battery last on a single charge?
  • The exact runtime will vary depending on usage, but the rechargeable battery typically provides for 15-20 minutes of drift racing fun. We recommend having a spare battery on hand to extend the playtime!
  • Q: Can this RC car be used outdoors?
  • The Huangbo RC Drift Car is best suited for smooth, indoor surfaces like carpets, hardwood floors, or tile. For outdoor adventures, consider an RC car designed for rougher terrain.
  • Q: What kind of maintenance does this RC car require?
  • Like any electronic toy, it’s important to keep the Huangbo RC Drift Car clean and free of debris. Regularly wipe down the car with a damp cloth and avoid letting it come into contact with water or excessive moisture.

Own the road with the Huangbo 4WD RC Drift Car. 

  • Warning/Disclaimer: Not suitable for children under 36 months

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