Airplane Foot Hammock – Makes Traveling Comfortable



Airplane Foot Hammock – Makes Traveling Comfortable

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Travel with Comfort with Airplane Foot Hammock

Are your feet experiencing numbness and discomfort after a flight or long car journey? Perhaps you wish to elevate your feet while working? Look no further than the Airplane Foot Hammock for a comfortable solution to your needs!

The Airplane Foot Hammock allows you to prop your feet up wherever you are! Despite the name, you can use the foot hanger wherever you want. Elevate your tired feet and settle in for some much-needed R&R.


  • Makes traveling more comfortable – Sitting in the same position during a long plane or car ride can cause discomfort in your feet and legs. The Foot Hammock helps you elevate your feet and get good blood circulation flowing. This promotes comfort and relaxation.
  • Relax without annoying others – Say goodbye to leaning your seat back or stretching your legs out into other people’s space. The hanger allows you to get comfortable in your own area.
  • Easy use – The straps are adjustable up to 50 cm to fit different leg widths and sizes. All you have to do is attach the straps to the tray table and place your feet inside the hammock. All set!
  • Compact and portable – Lightweight, compact, and comes with its own drawstring pouch. Carry the hammock with you wherever you go!


  • Item Type: Foot Rest
  • Material: Mesh+Sponge+Polyester
  • Size: 21x45cm
  • Color: Black
  • Load bearing: 50kg
  • Occasion: Plane, Train, Car, Office,etc.

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5 reviews for Airplane Foot Hammock – Makes Traveling Comfortable

  1. Larry Kramer (verified owner)

    This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen! I suffer from poor circulation in my legs and feet due to diabetes. The foot hammock makes air travel so much more comfortable for me. Plus, it is safer as well. The hanger keeps my blood flowing and this prevents clots from forming.

  2. Elodie D. (verified owner)

    What a great investment! I use the Airplane Foot Hammock every day while I’m sewing. My feet and legs stay comfy and my lower back stops aching. It’s a genius idea!

  3. Clarence Ferd (verified owner)

    I recently took a 15 hour flight to Australia. I am so thankful for the foot hammock! I was able to elevate my feet and legs which kept them cramp-free and comfortable. I noticed my back didn’t ache, either. The hanger and little carrying pouch fit perfectly inside of my carry-on bag.

  4. Rita Deering (verified owner)

    My husband and I like to travel by car. We love to sight-see. However, at 75 years young, my feet and legs need to be elevated during long car rides or they become swollen and cramped. The foot hanger has helped long car rides to be more bearable. Now, my husband and I can go back to enjoying our favorite pastime.

  5. Eliza Grace (verified owner)

    I use the foot hanger in my office. I just attach the straps to my keyboard counter and plop my feet into the hammock. Works like a charm!

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