Automatic Jar Opener – Quick, Easy, And Satisfying!



Automatic Jar Opener – Quick, Easy, And Satisfying!

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Automatic Jar Opener – Effortlessly Open Any Jar!

We’ve all experienced it…stubborn jar lids that simply won’t budge no matter how strong we are! Nothing stinks more than wanting a dill pickle or some sweet strawberry jam and not being able to get the lid open. That’s why we designed the Automatic Jar Opener!

With just the simple press of a button, the lid twists right off, and you have your yummy treats staring back at you just waiting to be gobbled up. Our automatic jar opener applies strong twisting action to quickly and safely open any jar, no matter how tightly the lid is attached. Once loosened, press the button again to release the lid. It’s that simple! Our Automatic Jar Opener is lightweight, compact, and neatly stored in any drawer or cupboard.


  • Easily opens a vast variety of glass jars with lids from 1″ to 4″ in diameter
  • A simple push of a button opens your toughest lids
  • A perfect gift for anyone and everyone
  • Made with reliable materials that are durable and strong
  • Compact, portable design
  • Includes 2 “AA” batteries and can open 250+ jars with a single set of batteries

Our Automatic Jar Opener is made with everyone in mind. Whether you’re a kid or someone who has arthritis, this gadget will work great for you. Everyone has been or will be faced with a jar that won’t open no matter what you do, and this amazing automatic opener will come to the rescue!

How to Use:

Simply place the jar opener on top of the jar and press the “Open Jar” button. The outer arms grip the jar while the inner arms close tightly around the lid and rotate, loosening the lid effortlessly. It’s truly that easy! Press the “Release Lid” button, and the arms let go of the lid and jar. The jar opener will turn off automatically; no off button is needed. Press “Release Lid” first to open arms wide enough to place over the jar lid to store in an ultra-compact position. Then press “Open Jar” to tighten arms around the jar and open the lid.


  • Never use with plastic jars
  • Make sure the outer arms of the jar opener fit snugly on the jar to prevent slipping
  • For tapered jars, place your hand on top of the opener and hold it firmly in place so that your arms do not slip
  • For more compact storage, press the “Open Jar” button to reset the arms to the innermost position
  • To replace batteries, press and slide the battery compartment cover in the direction of the arrow. After replacing the batteries, slide the cover closed in the opposite direction of the arrow. The jar opener may start running when the batteries are installed, which is normal

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5 reviews for Automatic Jar Opener – Quick, Easy, And Satisfying!

  1. Delia Brown (verified owner)

    This gadget is great! It works fast and easily and the design is very simple. No more struggling to open lids!

  2. Brett T. (verified owner)

    My wife and I both love this jar opener. It works like a charm. Plus, the batteries last and last and last.

  3. Pam Ulta (verified owner)

    I struggle with arthritis in my hands so opening jar lids is a no-go for me. My son gifted me this automatic jar opener and now I don’t need to run over to the neighbors every time I have a jar that needs the lid twisted off.

  4. Curt Whopper (verified owner)

    A great kitchen tool! I keep one at my home, in my RV, and another at the lake house. My entire family uses this device on a regular basis. It’s extremely handy!

  5. Doug Simes (verified owner)

    I consider myself a pretty strong guy, however, I had a battle with a pickle jar one time that didn’t end well. I invested in this automatic jar opener and life has been peachy ever since.

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