Original Baby Hip Seat with Storage Pack – Convenient & Fun!



Original Baby Hip Seat with Storage Pack – Convenient & Fun!

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Carry Your Baby Conveniently with Baby Hip Seat with Storage Pack

Carrying your baby is part of life. It encourages a special time of bonding between child and parent. However, carrying your wee one in the wrong way can cause pain and discomfort for both of you.

That’s why we created the Baby Hip Seat With Waist Pack!

Safely Reduce Back Strain

Sometimes, carrying your baby can put stress on your back muscles. The Baby Carrying Seat helps to correct that by evenly directing weight to your hip area.

Your baby can freely ride in the carrier either facing in or out.

Our carrier is equipped with a mesh pocket which allows you to stash your important things.

You’ll enjoy the adjustable strap on the belt that is able to accommodate most sizes, aid in comfort, and act as a support aid.

Safe, Ergonomic and Comfortable

Our Baby Carrier is crafted from non-toxic materials that do not emit undesirable odors.

Rest assured that our carrier is made from 100% polyester, medical food-grade silicone, and EPP shock absorbent cushioning that perfectly supports your baby.

Easy to Use:

  • Conveniently place your cell phone, keys, or other belongings into the zippered side pocket.
  • The carrier can be used with 3 varying carry positions: horizontal, inward-facing, and forward-facing. Your baby will always be fully enclosed in order to protect them.
  • The stool is durable and shaped to conform to your baby’s body. The durable belt is comfortable for both your baby and you.
  • The carrier is very comfortable for your baby’s legs.
  • Adjustable straps can fit sizes up to 40 inches.

Perfect for All Occasions:

Whether you’re at home, traveling, or spending a day out at the park, this baby carrier is a great accessory for all parents.

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7 reviews for Original Baby Hip Seat with Storage Pack – Convenient & Fun!

  1. Carol Cummings (verified owner)

    I have a very heavy grandson. His weight puts a lot of stress on my shoulder and back when I use the carrier his mother sent to me. I purchased this baby hip carrier and can now cart my grandson around on my hip for longer periods of time. It’s very lightweight and comfortable.

  2. Evelyn Ramos (verified owner)

    Baby Hip Seat with Storage Pack compliant has the description and very convenient. Delivery times respected

  3. Becky Johnson (verified owner)

    Wow! This baby carrier is the real deal! I can’t believe how well it works. One thing I really like about the design is that it doesn’t pinch my daughter’s legs while she is in it.

  4. Sandra Sanders (verified owner)

    An excellent baby carrier. I couldn’t have asked for a greater product. My little boy and I use this carrier wherever we go. Two thumbs up!

  5. Remi D. (verified owner)

    What a great baby carrier! I love how sturdy the material and straps are. My child can sit in the carrier in 3 different positions. It truly is a wonderful product. Plus, it’s affordable.

  6. Randy Horrish (verified owner)

    I recently became a stay-at-home-dad. My wife decided to go back to work in the nursing field. Anyway, I use this carrier seat pretty much everywhere. When i have my 6 month old on my hip, I can get a ton of stuff done. It’s been great!

  7. Amy Singh (verified owner)

    Very convenient, meets the requirements. Our child is comfortable here.

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