12 Clever Gift Ideas for Best Friends in 2020

  1. Personalized Mug

Let your best friend know how much you love her by gifting her a Rachel Monica friends mug or a personalized mug featuring a photo of you and her.

You can also think of a mug design that states some friendship quotes or your bestie’s name.

  1. Friendship Matching Necklace

One for you, one for me.

A matching symbol of friendship necklace set makes a thoughtful gift idea. You and your BFF wearing similar pendants will show your love for each other and that you have each other’s back.

  1. Makeup Bag

A perfect gift for your friend who loves cosmetics. Give her a classy makeup bag she can use to keep cosmetics. You may think of a portable makeup bag with compartments so that your BFF may carry her cellphone and wallet with her wherever she goes.

  1. Friendship Bracelet

Gift your soul sister a friendship bracelet so she carries your friendship everywhere she goes.

You can give your friend a cute, color block pattern leather bracelet. “You’re My Person” or “BFF’s Forever” bracelet makes another elegant gift idea.  

  1. Her Favorite Sandals

What is one sandal style your bestie loves wearing the most?

Slides? Dressy flats? Gladiators? Flip flops? Figure out her top pick and give her a pair of sandals that may excite her.

  1. Custom T-Shirt

Make a staple addition to your friend’s wardrobe by gifting her a crafty t-shirt. It may feature your BFFs favorite words, a cute friendship quote, or a picture of her. Your bestie will love this dynamic shirt.

  1. Statement Clutch

A Clutch is a great accessory to elevate any outfit. Give your BFF a classy clutch and bring a little luxury to her everyday life.

You may think of a personalized clutch with a monogram of your friend’s name that she could not resist loving.

  1. Personalized Pillow

Give her a personalized pillow that features a cute photo of your bestie or a collage of her best pictures. Every swipe of this pillow will bring a smile to your BFF’s face.

  1. Electric Foot Smoother

A unique gift idea for your friend who is obsessed with skincare.

Gift her an electric foot smoother that will help make her foot flawless and more beautiful. Every time she looks at her cute foot, she’ll think of you.

  1. Instant Digital Camera

Never-ending selfies!

Let you BFF capture all the fun and beautiful moments you have together by giving her an instant film camera. It will allow her to click photos and get instant prints of them.

  1. Personalized Phone Case

A friendship gift that will stay close to your BFF and remind her every day what she is to you. You may offer her a selfie phone cover, a phone case with boobies, or a cover with a silly friendship quote on it.

  1. Crescent Earrings

If your BFF is a minimalist girl, the delicate crescent moonstone earrings will make an elegant gift for her. After all, every girl loves wearing elegant earrings.

While thinking of gift ideas for your best friend, don’t forget their choices. You want to bring a smile to your BFF’s face and her favorite gift item can do the job.