7 Hot Lipstick Colors and Trends for Winter 2020/2021

Let's have a look at all the beautiful lipstick shades trending this fall.  

1.The Red Lips

Red is a must-have lipstick shade for every woman to have in their makeup collection. The color is not just for any special occasion, but you can rock it as a daily wear shade.

Yes! You heard it right.

This shade is not only for summer evening parties but also gives a very stylish look in winters for date nights. It gives a very elegant and dazzling look and lights up the entire dress.

2.Nude Lipstick

Do you love wearing more natural-looking colors? Nude lip shades are for you!

Women love wearing nude lipsticks and almost every woman has a nude lipstick shade in their purse nowadays.

Nude lipstick is the go-to lip color this winter and looks classic on every occasion. Wear it with formals in the office or a fancy dress at the party- the shade will offer the same glamor with every dress.

3.Glossy Look

Glossy lips have always been in trend because of the sexy look they give you. The shade works wonders for winters when you had dry lips. The gloss gives your lips a moisturized finish and even volume.

You can wear glossy finish lipsticks on every occasion- be it an evening date or lunch with your friends.

4.No Lipstick, Lipstick Look

If you love a simple and realist look, this shade is for you. It goes well with every dress and makeup look from everyday occasions to formals.

Pink and other nude lip colors are best to achieve this look. The best idea is to apply a soft pink lipstick and blot it with a tissue- your “no lipstick, lipstick look” is ready.

5.Pink Lipstick

Perfect for women of all ages, this lip shade offers you an elegant feminine look whether at home, office, or a party. It brightens up your dull, drab lips, making the shade a right on-trend for winter 2020-2021. You can also pair it with a glossy finish for a more dramatic look.

6.Two-toned Lipstick

If you love trying new looks with a spark of creativity, then two-toned lipstick is your go-to shade this winter. It involves blending two different lipstick shades. For instance, you can apply a red shade on your upper lip and a pink shade on the bottom.

Nowadays, lipstick trends are changing from the same boring, conventional shades to bold and creative shades. And this shade is sure to rock your look.

7.Metallic Lipstick

Metallic lipsticks have always been a trending shade for the winters as if offer you a more sparkling and bolder look. Though the shade is not suitable for everyday wear, it makes an excellent pick for special occasions such as cocktail parties.


Trends keep on changing with the seasons and by each passing year. Likewise, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to lipstick trends. All you have to do is be creative and try innovative shades that may rock your looks.