Active Feline: 8 of the Best Interactive Cat Toys

Over 42 million US households own a cat.

While cats might seem easier to take care of than dogs, they still need regular stimulation. If you own a cat, you'll want to make sure your feline friend has plenty of interactive toys. 

Like other animals, cats have individual personalities. You'll want to try a variety of toys to find which one your cat likes best. Check out our list below for the best interactive cat toys! 

1. Wand Toys

It's a common misconception that cats are anti-social and independent animals. While they might not be as sociable as dogs, they still need lots of one on one attention with their humans. 

Wand toys like the classic Cat Dancer allow you to get some quality time with your feline. They're a simple but effective option to give your cat some stimulation. These dangling objects mimic the movements of prey and engage a cat's hunting instinct.

Options range from colorful rainbow string wands to automatic string machines. 

2. Remote Control Animals

Bring out the inner hunter in your furry friend with a remote control animal toy. These are some of the best interactive cat toys for indoor cats. 

From mice to birds, these battery-powered toys give your indoor cat the thrill of the chase without the dangers of the outdoors. While it's important to bond with your cat, you can't always give it the exercise it needs on your own. Remote control animals will zoom around to tire kitty out!

Does your cat like catnip? Plenty of remote animals also come stuffed full of it. Some toys like the Mouse Hunt Cat Toy also sync to apps so you can control them from afar. 

3. Treat-Dispensing Toys

Treat-dispensing toys serve the dual purpose of feeding your cat while keeping him or her active.

If your cat prefers sitting in the sun to chasing mice, a treat-dispensing toy can motivate him or her to move around. More complex dispensers include built-in puzzles to challenge your cat's thinking skills.

Some of the more popular puzzle and dispenser combos are the Slide 'n Nibble treat toy or the Trixie Mad Scientist. These will activate kitty's brain while dispensing treats in correct portions.

4. Roller Circuits

Most roller circuits for cats come in clear plastic tubes filled with a few balls or toys. These clever devices stimulate kitty's senses. 

The sound from the balls rolling and the fun designs make for an entertaining playtime! Many of these circuits also let you mix and match pieces. You can change up the layout as often as you wish to keep your cat from getting bored. 

For example, the Infinite Roller Circuit keeps balls rolling on an infinite loop so as to never get stuck. Other circuits glow in the dark or include built-in scratching posts. 

5. Lasers

Lasers are the most iconic cat toy on the market! But don't limit yourself to a simple laser pointer. Nowadays there are a variety of automatic laser pointers. 

You'll want a few handheld lasers in your collection to enjoy playtime with your cat. You can choose from battery-powered or USB and from multiple colors. 

Step up your laser game with an automatic laser toy. These can entertain your cat all day long. Some even come in cute cat shapes!

6. Activity Centers and Tunnels

Did you know more than half of US pets are obese or overweight? 

This can be due to overfeeding or lack of exercise. You can help prevent future health problems due to weight with regular exercise. 

A maze of cat tunnels that crinkle for sonic stimulation will have your cat worn out in no time. Many of these also include dangling mice and catnip. Some, like the Kitty City Tunnel Bed, also include a soft inside for sleep. 

Want to get your kitty moving even more? You can buy a cat exercise wheel or activity center filled with puzzles and toys. 

7. Puzzles 

Cats can get separation anxiety like any other animal. They get bored and might act up by destroying furniture. Using a variety of puzzles keeps your feline friend mentally challenged. 

Certain puzzles simulate different challenges. Some mimic foraging in the grass while others have fishbowl designs. 

Most puzzles include some sort of opening for the cat to reach either a toy or treat as a reward. Some make sounds or include catnip. Pick the best one for your cat based on what motivates him or her!

8. Scratching Posts and Cat Trees 

Every cat owner should have at least one scratching post in the home. 

Cats scratch to sharpen claws, mark territory, and or simply to play. Prevent scratching on home furniture by keeping a few scratching posts around the house. These should include a variety of different materials and should be tall enough for your kitty to stretch all the way out. 

One simple way to include multiple toys, stimulation, and scratching posts in one is a cat tree. With elevated seats, lots of scratching options, and a variety of designs, cat trees are a must-have. They also let your cat perch from up high for a comfy resting place. 

Cats use height for safety. Cat trees with cozy hideaways, dangling mice, and posts will add enrichment to your feline's life. 

The Best Interactive Cat Toys on the Market 

Don't let the dogs have all the fun!

The best interactive cat toys let you and your kitty have magical bonding moments. They also provide mental and physical enrichment in your cat's life. If your cat is an indoor cat, these interactions are crucial to preventing boredom and health issues. 

Whether your kitty loves chasing mice or fishing for treats, there are hundreds of cat toy options on the market. 

Want a great all in one option? Add a cat tree to your home. 

Away from home a lot? Automatic lasers and remote toys are your best bet.

No matter which toys you pick, your feline friend is sure to love you for it. For amazing deals on cat toys and other home goods, check out our discounted collections here!