Cat Toilet Training Kit



Cat Toilet Training Kit

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The Cat Toilet Training Kit is an amazing product!

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  • Train your cat to use a human toilet in 8 weeks or less
  • No more mess, no more germs, no more smells, no more hassle
  • The training is easy for cat owners to understand and use
  • Comes with a standard white seat that fits most standard toilet sea
  • Developed with animal behaviorists, vets and cat breeders to make sure they work with the cat’s natural instinct

Package Includes:

  • 1 x White toilet mat plate
  • 3 (set) x Red, Orange, Green
  • 1 x English instruction manual
  • 1 x DVD instruction

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5 reviews for Cat Toilet Training Kit

  1. Darrell Jones (verified owner)

    We love this awesome product! No more kitty litter boxes that stink up the whole house. Affordable and ships fast.

  2. Ted Fritz (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this kit to everyone. It works like magic!

  3. Mike Stevens (verified owner)

    My cat actually uses the toilet. Let that sink in for a moment. This kit is amazing đŸ™‚

  4. Terry Burns (verified owner)

    The is phenomenal. It really works! In just 8 weeks my cat was using the toilet. Now to teach him how to flush!

  5. Jill Konkie (verified owner)

    I was a skeptic, I’ll admit. However, this kit blew my skepticism out of the water. My cat, Sir Franzel, now uses the human throne.

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