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Cloud Cervical Traction Device

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Eliminate Neck Pain with the Cloud Cervical Traction Device!

Are you dealing with neck pain, TMJ, or tension headaches? Try the Cloud Cervical Traction Device. Use it for just 10 minutes a day, and if it doesn’t help, get your money back!


  • Get rid of neck discomfort naturally (no harsh painkillers)
  • Your chiropractor (money back in your pocket)
  • Helps to correct postural imbalances (so you can stand with confidence)
  • Stress relief (sleep, feel, and live better)

Naturally Eliminate Neck Pain

If you’re reading this, you probably spend at least 6 hours a day staring at your computer, phone, or television. The result? Your neck is stiff, sore, and painful. The Cloud Cervical Traction Device uses the power of cervical traction to reverse neck damage, eliminating neck discomfort, TMJ, and tension headaches in about 10 minutes each day.

Breakthrough Discovery

You’ve probably tried a number of other neck pain remedies that make lofty claims but fall short of expectations. The Cloud Cervical Traction Device targets all three aspects of neck pain – Acupressure, Sub-occipital muscle stimulation, and the three-way system of cervical traction, making it 78% more effective in eliminating pain.

Neck Saving Benefits

  • Instant Pain Relief
  • Relief from chronic neck pain, TMJ, and tension headache
  • Drastically improves posture
  • Increase of nutrient-rich blood to neck area
  • Increase flexibility in the neck and shoulder region
  • Reduces the impact of chronic problems

Damage Reversing

Muscles that are strained and constricted cut off their own blood supply, causing injury and impairing their ability to heal. The Cloud Cervical Traction Device provides relief of muscular tension and a flow of nutrient-rich blood to the neck and shoulder area, potentially reversing serious neck damage.

The Perfect Stretch Every Time

The Cloud Cervical Traction Device features two levels of traction; the convex side gives less traction and is appropriate for people who have severe neck pain and a limited range of motion. The concave side offers the most stretch and is ideal for more advanced users.

Professionally Designed & Recommended

Chiropractors and massage therapists are not always readily available. Chiropractors invented and endorsed the Cloud Cervical Traction Device as an efficient approach to getting pain relief when you need it the most.

Fantastic Quality Of Life

Neck pain, tightness, and other disorders such as TMJ or tension headaches can devastate your life. Everyday activities serve as a constant reminder of the anguish you are experiencing. You now can effect change. In addition to relieving your discomfort, the Cloud Cervical Traction Device provides the following side benefits:

  • Elevation in mood
  • Improved focus at work
  • Amazing posture and confidence
  • A pain-free sleep

Package includes:

1 x Cloud Cervical Traction Device

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15 reviews for Cloud Cervical Traction Device

  1. M Simpson (verified owner)

    The stretching of my neck which relieves the pain

  2. Jeremy Flanagan (verified owner)

    I love this! Jen Hamilton is the reason I found it. I carry all of my stress in the exact place that this helps. I am so thankful to have found it! It will be a game changer with my neck and upper back pain!! Thank you!

  3. Erica McKernan (verified owner)

    I haven’t written a review on Amazon in a couple years, but this has gotten rid of my neck hump and pain

  4. Greg Heath (verified owner)

    This neck rest is fantastic. This ointment has made my neck and shoulders feel so much better. It’s fantastic. My neck and shoulders are carrying a lot of tension. I took a chance on this neck device because exercise seemed to make it worse, and I’m so pleased I did. Every day, I lay on the floor with it for about 5 minutes. I’m sleeping better as well.

  5. Emily Reyes (verified owner)

    I love this!

  6. ang_irv (verified owner)

    It’s perfect and does the trick for my achy neck!! I’m so glad I found this product!! I highly recommend giving this a chance. It’s compact so it can travel easily with you also.

  7. Shane and Case (verified owner)

    My husband uses almost daily for neck pain. From what he says, it seems to help and give him some relief.

  8. Kadi (verified owner)

    Jen Hamilton suggested this and I bought 2 for myself and my mother, we both love them. Definitely helps to alleviate neck pain. #tiktok

  9. C.T.F. (verified owner)

    Not only does it work on my neck/back pain- it clearly also makes a good cat toy -__-

  10. Kara (verified owner)

    Once you figure out the right direction and position for your self it helps to relieve a lot of pressure!

  11. James Wenzel (verified owner)

    For years, I’ve struggled with a spur in my neck. It got to the point that if I raised my head in a specific posture, terrible agony would radiate up my chest. Using this for a few weeks has made a world of difference. It only takes 10 minutes a day to reposition the curve of my neck to its proper alignment.

  12. Pasquale Carter (verified owner)

    It definitely helped me relax my neck muscles and relieve the discomfort I’d been experiencing as a result of my cervical disc illness. Every evening for 30 minutes before bed, this will be my go-to pillow. I definitely suggest it and purchased one for my brother, who suffers from cervical disc problems as well.

  13. Caryl Fabrizio (verified owner)

    This item was quite easy to use. The natural stretch in your neck is immediately noticeable. I have a lot of stress in my neck, and after using this device, I realized that my neck was less tense.

  14. Sara (verified owner)

    Looks like the picture. Arrived quickly. I started using it today.

  15. Sean Godfrey (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure if this was the right solution for me, but I was prepared to give it a chance. The other alternatives were a neck sling, which looks great but something about hanging my head near the door terrifies me…and a vertical table, which I’ve used and love but is extra af (meaning I don’t have room for it until I’m 50). Above all, I needed something that could be taken with me.

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How does a Cloud Cervical Traction Device work?



The device typically consists of an adjustable harness or collar that wraps around the neck and attaches to a pulley system or traction mechanism. By applying controlled traction, it helps stretch the neck muscles, decompress the spinal discs, and alleviate pressure on the nerves.


How do I use a Cloud Cervical Traction Device?



Usage instructions may vary depending on the specific device, but generally, you would: Adjust the device to fit comfortably around your neck. Securely fasten the harness or collar. Use the provided mechanism or pulley system to apply traction gradually. Follow the recommended duration and frequency of use as advised by a healthcare professional.


Is a Cloud Cervical Traction Device safe to use?



When used correctly and under the guidance of a healthcare professional, a Cloud Cervical Traction Device is generally safe. However, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions and not exceed recommended traction force or duration to avoid potential complications.


Can anyone use a Cloud Cervical Traction Device?



While many people can benefit from cervical traction, it's essential to consult with a healthcare provider before using a Cloud Cervical Traction Device, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns. Certain conditions may be contraindicated for traction therapy.