Desktop Punching Bag – Snuffs Out Stress in One Swift Punch!



Desktop Punching Bag – Snuffs Out Stress in One Swift Punch!

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Desktop Punching Bag: Your Instant Stress Reliever

Work can be incredibly stressful! From deadlines to tricky colleagues and piles of paperwork, it can feel overwhelming. But instead of coiling up like a ball of tension at your desk, release your stress with our Desktop Punching Bag!

This mini bag allows you to channel your frustrations onto it instead of taking it out on your boss, ensuring you keep your job! It’s easy to install – just suction it to your desk and when stress hits, give it a whack, big or small, with your fists.

Bid farewell to workplace stress for good with our Desktop Punching Bag

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5 reviews for Desktop Punching Bag – Snuffs Out Stress in One Swift Punch!

  1. Nikki Stillsen (verified owner)

    The perfect stress reliever when the day starts to get on my nerves. I give the bag a few punches, count to 10, breathe, and BETTER!

  2. Jon Maloney (verified owner)

    I think everyone who works in an office needs to have one of these bags on their desks. It really helps put a damper on those annoying stressful feelings.

  3. Regina Tate (verified owner)

    This desktop punching bag is perfect for my son who has high-functioning autism. Sometimes, he gets very anxious and frustrated. So, instead of tantrumming and breaking things he simply punches the bag to calm himself down. it’s really been a helpful tool!

  4. Ricky Yordley (verified owner)

    I 100% needed this punching bag in my life before I ended up in jail. I’ve got anger issues, especially at work, This punching bag helps me work out my problems without working over my boss’s face.

  5. Darlene Turner (verified owner)

    I have this one co-worker who is constantly chewing with his mouth open and smacking his lips in the cubicle next to me. Instead of slamming my head into my computer screen, I punch the bag!

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