Dino Racer: Inertial Power Ball Car



Dino Racer: Inertial Power Ball Car



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Children’s Inertial Power Ball Car: Eco-Friendly Aerodynamic Toy

Fuel your child’s imagination with the Children’s Inertial Power Ball Car! This eco-friendly toy uses aerodynamics for propulsion, no batteries required. Perfect for science experiments and imaginative play!

Once upon a time, a curious T-Rex named Rex received a mysterious gift – a sleek car powered by… air! Rex scoffed. “Air? How silly!” But when he pushed the car and released the balloon attached, whoosh! The car zipped across the room! Rex’s eyes widened. With this Inertial Power Ball Car, playtime just got prehistoric-ally fun!


  • Eco-friendly: Powered by air, no batteries needed!
  • Educational: Teaches children about aerodynamics and science.
  • Durable: Made from safe, non-toxic ABS plastic.
  • Fun and imaginative: Encourages creative play and problem-solving.


  • Material: ABS plastic

  • Age: 3+ years
  • Includes: 1 car, 1 launchpad, 1 inflatable tube, 6 balloons (random colors)


1. How does the car work?

  • The car uses aerodynamics. When you inflate the balloon and release it, the air whooshes out, propelling the car forward.

2. What’s included?

  • You get 1 car, 1 launchpad, 1 inflatable tube, and 6 colorful balloons.

3. Is this safe for young children?

  • Yes! The car is made from non-toxic ABS plastic and has no small parts.

Let the learning and racing adventures begin!

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