Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder



Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder

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Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder is the Answer For Your Pet’s Long Nails

If your dog’s nails are overly long, they can harm his paw cause a splayed foot, and reduce traction. This can result in deformed feet and injure the tendons over time. Each time the long nails hit the ground, the pressure harms the foot and structure of the leg. Introducing to you the Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder, the best solution to your problem!


  1. Very low vibration and noise: The device is made with a mute brass shaft that is still powerful enough to carefully remove thin layers of nails. Your dog won’t be frightened by the device as it is not noisy at all.
  2. Mess-free: Made to be mess-free! A very simple and effective way to trim your dog’s nails. Works on cats, too!
  3. Painless – You no longer have to worry about over-trimming, cutting the quick, or clipping nails in a jagged pattern. This trim tool guides you.
  4. Easy USB Charging System – No need to purchase batteries! The device comes with a handy USB charging port.
  5. Detachable Grinding Wheel – Grinding stone can easily be removed for cleaning. Clean with a soft towel. That’s it!
  6. Suitable for Pets of All Sizes – The Pet’s Nail Grinder comes with three size openings to suit different nail sizes. Choose the one that best fits your dog or cat’s nail needs.


  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Running time: 3 hours
  • Input: AC100V-240V 50HZ/60HZ
  • Output: 5V/350MA
  • Charging mode: USB charging
  • Battery: Built-in battery

Package Includes:

  • 1x Pet Nail Grinder
  • 1x USB Charge Cable
  • 1x Package Box
  • 1x user manual

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5 reviews for Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder

  1. Corbin Bulla (verified owner)

    This is a great tool to have! It saves me lots of money because I don’t need the vet to trim my three dog’s nails anymore.

  2. Clifton Doney (verified owner)

    At first, I was worried about using this product. However, it proved itself to be extremely easy to use. My dog didn’t mind me using it on her at all.

  3. Laurence W. (verified owner)

    My dog’s nails are really thick and trying to clip them has always been a hassle. This grinder tool makes it easy and pain-free for my good ‘ol boy.

  4. Laura Steinman (verified owner)

    I am no longer afraid of clipping my dog’s quick, anymore. This tool protects your pet from that happening.

  5. Sean Young (verified owner)

    My dogs are very sensitive to loud noises. This tool is as quiet as a whisper. The vibrations are low, too. My dog’s nails look smooth and rounded, as they should be.

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