Premium Dog Seat Belt – Keep Your Pooch Safe in The Car



Premium Dog Seat Belt – Keep Your Pooch Safe in The Car

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Ride Safely with Your Pets with Our Premium Dog Seat Belt

Do you enjoy leaving the window open for your dog as you drive? Of course, you do! Your pup enjoys looking out and feeling the breeze on their face. However, there is a danger in all of this if your dog isn’t adequately secured. Did you know that some dogs have been known to jump out of the windows of moving vehicles? It’s a horrible sight!

Protect your dog while you drive with the Dog Seat Belt! Leave your windows down for your pet to enjoy with confidence. Our seat belt ensures your dog stays immobile and secure while in the car.


  • High-Quality Material: The Dog Seat belt is made from high-quality nylon material with a sturdy metal swivel snap and buckle. Your dog will remain safely restrained the entire car ride.
  • Adjustable: You can adjust the length of the seat belt from 16 to 27 inches. This allows your dog to sit, stand, or lie down in comfort.
  • 4 Fun Colors: Comes in 4 different colors (Purple, Red, Black, Blue). Choose the one that suits you best!
  • Not Just for Dogs: This seat belt can be used for dogs, cats, and other small animals for safe car riding.


  • Size: 2.5 * 70 cm
  • Material: Nylon & Metal
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Purple & Red

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Safety Seat Belt

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12 reviews for Premium Dog Seat Belt – Keep Your Pooch Safe in The Car

  1. Mimzie29 (verified owner)

    Fantastic, easy to use and works with every vehicle and every kind of dog.

  2. Dale Listonburg (verified owner)

    This product is a lifesaver, literally! My pet poodle is very small and fragile. She needs a seat belt to keep her from sliding around the backseat. The belt is safe, secure, and durable. It hooks right to her harness.

  3. Ronnie Ziegler (verified owner)

    My dog jumped out of an open car window while driving last summer. It was a horrible sight! Thankfully, he was OK as we were just coming to a stop. I’ve since purchased the dog seat belt and now I know my pet will be safe when we drive with the windows open.

  4. Kate (verified owner)

  5. Marylyn Thomas (verified owner)

    I have wanted to get these seatbelts for a while now. My dog love going for car rides and I wanted to make sure he is safe. He is a big boy and always try’s to come sit in the drives seat with me. So glad I got them!!! Easy to use so far to good.

  6. Hayley Yuill (verified owner)

    I love my doggy seatbelt! My dog can no longer jump to the front seat and try and sit on my lap while I’m driving. They are easy to use. I have used them in my car and friends vehicles. My dog isn’t too happy about it but I am!!

  7. Hales (verified owner)

  8. Carrie Jordan (verified owner)

    This pet seat belt gives me the peace of mind that I need. I strap my kiddos into car seats so why not secure the dog, too? My dog is certainly lighter than my 3 and 4 year old, and if they need to be secured a little dog does too. I’m very grateful for this pet seat belt.

  9. Clara Donaldson (verified owner)

    I remember the day I rolled my vehicle like it was yesterday. Luckily, I wasn’t hurt and neither was the other party. However, my poor little dog wasn’t so fortunate. He wasn’t secure in the backseat and ended up bouncing around the vehicle as it rolled. Luckily, he survived and made a full recovery! I have since invested in the Pet Seat belt so we never have to worry about his safety while driving again.

  10. Angie Doyle (verified owner)

    I’ll never drive without my dog being secured by this seat belt. It’s strong, durable, and he can’t chew through it!

  11. Enrique Gardner (verified owner)

    Great! Does the job and it can be adjusted long or short.

  12. Pat42 (verified owner)

    My dog Cotton used her SunGrow Dog Car Seat Belt today for the first time. She loved it so much better than being in a crate. She looked out the window and had a good time on the way to the vet. She enjoyed her trip….thanks.

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