Lighted Drawing Board – Great Fun for Kiddos!



Lighted Drawing Board – Great Fun for Kiddos!

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Draw with Light with our Drawing Board – Great Fun for Kiddos!

The Lighted Drawing Board is a versatile tool for artists and creators, providing a illuminated surface for drawing, tracing, or sketching. It features adjustable brightness levels, allowing users to customize the lighting according to their preferences or ambient conditions. With its sleek and portable design, this drawing board is suitable for use at home, in the studio, or on the go. The illuminated surface helps to enhance visibility and reduce eye strain, making it easier to work on detailed projects for extended periods. Whether you’re a professional artist or a hobbyist, it’s an essential addition to your creative toolkit.

This is a very cool toy that all kids will love! Adults love it, too! If you worry about your children being on electronics too much they will gladly throw down their controllers for this amazing lighted drawing board.

No more messy markers and paint! It uses a lighted stylus for hassle-free, magical artistry.

An image showcasing the lighted drawing board, featuring adjustable illumination for enhanced artistic precision. Perfect for artists and creators seeking a tool to illuminate their creativity.


  • Mess-free! No marks, smudges, or stains are left on your carpets, tables, and other surfaces!
  • A toy that captivates your child’s attention and keeps them busy for hours!
  • Helps hone drawing skills and creativity
  • ISO-certified and safe for the eyes


  • Item Type: Drawing Board (include stylus)
  • Sketchpad Size: A4
  • Material: PVC

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5 reviews for Lighted Drawing Board – Great Fun for Kiddos!

  1. Simon Paul (verified owner)

    A great toy! my son loves to draw and this toy has helped him develop his skills. We all love seeing his drawing come to life with the special lit-up pen.

  2. Tina Rabid (verified owner)

    My twin girls love this toy! They are drawing for hours every day. They take the board to a dark room and love to see their drawing light up. Our entire family enjoys this toy.

  3. Ruby Sampson (verified owner)

    A great toy for kids of all ages. It’s nice to see such a popular toy that isn’t some sort of electronic gaming console or phone.

  4. Ella Flanders (verified owner)

    I purchased this light board toy for my grandkids and they really like it. Grandpa and I enjoy seeing them so happy!

  5. Connie Wilson (verified owner)

    My kids really enjoy this drawing toy. it’s fun to see how everything they draw lights up. I ordered another board because my children are always arguing over who gets to use the one we have. They truly love it that much!

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