Earbuds Smartwatch – Wearable Device That Keeps You Connected



Earbuds Smartwatch – Wearable Device That Keeps You Connected

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Earbuds Smartwatch: Stay Connected On-the-Go with Wearable Tech

The convenient 0.96″ screen tracks your fitness goals as well as keeps you connected with built-in earbuds. There are multiple sports modes and other features that are meant to make your life run more smoothly. The watch is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The battery of this Earbuds Smartwatch lasts up to 7 days when fully charged! Never miss an incoming call and always stay on top of your activity with this amazing gadget.


  • A multi-functional device with over 20 built-in features
  • Bluetooth capable
  • One-click to pair with your music device
  • The screen has excellent visibility, even outdoors
  • Multiple sports modes with scientific analysis of your activity
  • Allows you to check your daily data
  • PWTT algorithm, high accuracy
  • IP67 waterproof

Special Note:

If only one side of the Earbuds Smartwatch headset is working, you’ll need to reconnect it: start by simultaneously double-clicking both headsets for approximately 5 seconds, then power off your phone. Next, press and hold the touch button for 16 seconds, and finally release the pair. (Note: To establish the connection, ensure that the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone is turned off.)


  • Ai Smart
  • iPhone Siri
  • TWS stereo headphones – single or two simultaneous use
  • Heart rate test
  • Blood pressure test
  • Step counting, mileage, consumption
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Lifting wrist screen
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • SMS push
  • Shake a picture

Things to Know:

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on;
  2. Make sure that the equipment is fully charged, please turn it on or charge it before use;
  3. Make sure the device is within 70cm of the phone when pairing the connection;
  4. When pairing the headphones, make sure that the headphones are turned on.

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5 reviews for Earbuds Smartwatch – Wearable Device That Keeps You Connected

  1. Ricky Jarvis (verified owner)

    An awesome watch. Just as good as some of the more expensive brands.

  2. Tammy Jones (verified owner)

    I LOVE listening to music on the earbuds. It trips me out every time to know they come out of my watch haha!

  3. Robbie Benson (verified owner)

    I LOVE this smartwatch! It legit contains everything I need to stay connected.

  4. Grady Jaxson (verified owner)

    Perfect accessory for keeping track of my training activity.

  5. Harold Feldmen (verified owner)

    The watch works well, the earbuds fit nicely, and the other functions are incredible bonuses!

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