Electric Food Chopper



Electric Food Chopper

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Effortless Chopping with the Electric Food Chopper!

Imagine being able to chop up your favorite fruits and veggies in mere seconds with the Electric Food Chopper! This incredible little chopping device is a POWERHOUSE! Don’t let its compact size fool you.

It’s great for chopping herbs, onions, garlic, seeds, and more!

You’ll love the durable design of this tool and its non-toxic, food-grade material.

Right now, the Electric Food Chopper is on SALE!


  • Easy to Use – Press the button on top of the chopper and away you go!
  • Amazing Design – Our electric food chopper comes with three reinforced blades to successfully chop a variety of foods
  • Powerful – Powered by a rechargeable USB port that quickly chops a variety of foods like garlic, onions, strawberries, herbs, etc.
  • Premium Material – The stainless steel blade is durable, strong, and powerful for efficient cutting. The food-grade plastic in the cup is BPA-free and safe
  • Portable – 150ml capacity and unique interior wall design make the item compact and easy to store and transport


  • Capacity: 150ML
  • Power: 22W
  • Stirring Blade: Three stirring blade
  • Method Of Use: Fully Automatic
  • Function: Cutting vegetables, Minced meat, Stirring, Mixing

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Electric Food Chopper
  • 1 x USB Cable

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5 reviews for Electric Food Chopper

  1. Larry Firtrader (verified owner)

    An affordable mini food processor that I use on a daily basis.

  2. Tanya Z. (verified owner)

    Wow! This little gadget is sharp, fast, and easy to use. Two thumbs up (keep them away from the blade haha)!

  3. Sarah Pooshine (verified owner)

    An incredible device. I highly recommend the Electric Food Chopper to anyone!

  4. Gordon Conrad (verified owner)

    I am super thrilled to have purchased the Electric Food Chopper. It works amazingly well.

  5. Rachel Jones (verified owner)

    The Electric Food Chopper is a real help during canning season. I like to make salsa and this little processor helps me get the herbs, onions, and green peppers chopped up to perfection. Much quicker than using a knife.

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What types of food can be chopped with an Electric Food Chopper?



Electric Food Choppers can be used to chop a wide variety of foods, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, meats, and more. They are versatile tools for meal preparation, making tasks such as chopping onions, garlic, nuts, or herbs much faster and easier.


How does an Electric Food Chopper work?



Electric Food Choppers work by using a motorized blade assembly to chop or mince food placed in the chopping bowl. When the appliance is turned on, the blades rotate rapidly, chopping the food into smaller pieces. The user can control the chopping consistency by adjusting the chopping time or pulsing the motor.


Can an Electric Food Chopper be used for other tasks besides chopping?



Yes, Electric Food Choppers are versatile appliances that can often be used for other food preparation tasks, such as mincing, grinding, or pureeing. Some models may come with additional attachments or blades for tasks like making sauces, dips, or baby food.