Pain-Free EPILIGHT™ IPL Hair Remover



Pain-Free EPILIGHT™ IPL Hair Remover

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Experience Painless Hair Remover with EpiLight™ IPL System

Say goodbye to razors and hot wax! The EpiLight™ IPL Hair Remover is your affordable, clinically proven solution. It’s virtually painless, equipped with advanced double-safety mechanisms and intuitive technology for different skin conditions.

Why wait any longer? Order your EpiLight™ RIGHT NOW for silky-soft, flawless skin!

Why EpiLight™ is Our Favorite Laser Hair Remover:

  • Safe: Both men and women can use the laser safely due to the advanced double-safety mechanism with a built-in skin tone sensor. FDA-approved technology!
  • Use on Your Most Delicate Areas: Quick, pain-free, and gentle, perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Cost Effective: Save money compared to razors, waxing, and expensive hair removal clinics.
  • Long-term Results: Notice long-term results in just 8 treatments. No more time-consuming shaving, waxing, or tweezing!
  • Superior Advanced IPL Technology: RPL technology takes IPL technology to the next level, continuously reacting to your skin’s unique needs with every pulse.

How Does It Work?

Using advanced laser technology that emits rapid light pulses, the EpiLight™ IPL Hair Remover targets the root under the skin’s surface, preventing regrowth in just 8 easy treatments.

The first 5 treatments should be done 2 weeks apart. The next 3 treatments can be completed once every 4 weeks. After the 8th treatment, you may continue using the laser as needed.

Is the EpiLight™ IPL Hair Removal System right for you? Check if your skin tone matches areas 1-4 on the Fitzpatrick Scale. If it does, the IPL Laser Hair Remover is perfect for you.

How to use EpiLight™:

  1. Make sure your skin is shaved, clean, and dry, free from creams or makeup.
  2. Press the energy selection button until you reach the desired energy level (IPL Laser Hair Remover allows you to choose from 3 energy levels).
  3. Place IPL Laser Hair Remover treatment window on the desired body area with full contact with the skin.
  4. Press the trigger button (you can hold it pressed for continuous pulsing). Always start with a preliminary test 48 hours before the first use.

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9 reviews for Pain-Free EPILIGHT™ IPL Hair Remover

  1. Bill Watson (verified owner)

    I use this tool on my chest and back and it has really made a difference in my hair growth. I barely even notice any stubble!

  2. Jenny Turner (verified owner)

    I am so glad I invested in this laser hair removal system. For years, i spent tons of money on shavers, waxes, and more. Now, thanks to the laser hair remover, I am saving money!

  3. Sheila Deering (verified owner)

    I got this hair removal laser from my husband for Christmas. Apparently, he was trying to tell em something 🙂 My legs have never been smoother!

  4. Christopher Watson (verified owner)

    The package arrived very quick. An excellent cooperation. My recommendations

  5. Donna Finnegan (verified owner)

    All right… They arrived in good weather and in good condition. I recommend them

  6. Kitty Carlson (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how easy this tool is to use! I even use it on armpits and bikini area and experience no pain!

  7. Tina Connely (verified owner)

    This laser device gets the job done. After just 8 treatments I can totally see my hair growing back less and less.

  8. Janet Garcia (verified owner)

    Well packaged, with extra wrapping for protection. Not tried yet. Everything is as described

  9. Jesse Diaz (verified owner)

    IPL Hair Remover well packaged and it works well

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