4D Insole Comforter – Like Walking on Air



4D Insole Comforter – Like Walking on Air

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Step into Comfort with our 4D Insole Comforter: Walk on Air Sensation

Experience comfort like never before with our 4D Insole Comforters. Designed to alleviate the strain on your tired feet, these insoles are versatile enough to complement any shoe style, be it athletic, boots, or heels.


  • Provides relief from various foot conditions, including Achilles Tendinitis, Arch Pain & Arch Strain, Flat Feet & Fallen Arches, Heel Spurs & Heel Pain, High Arches, Metatarsalgia & Forefoot Pain, Morton’s Neuroma, Over Pronation, Sesamoiditis, Shin Splints, and Supination.
  • Unisex, one size fits most adults and can be trimmed to fit perfectly.
  • 3-pod GRF modulation system for enhanced support: forefoot pad, metatarsal dome, and first ray drop zone.
  • Cushions stabilize and support your feet.
  • Promotes a more efficient stride and push-off.
  • Unique design reduces the force of impact while returning energy and aiding motion control.
  • Improves balance and reduces fatigue.
  • Made from breathable, soft material that effectively wards off odors.


  • Material: Sponge
  • Colors Available: Black, Dark blue, Light blue, Yellow
  • Size Available:
    • Male: EUR 39-44; US(M) 6.5-10; US (W) 8-11
    • Female: EUR 34-39; US(M) 3-6.5; US(W) 4.5-8

Package Includes:

  • 1 Pair x 4D Insole Comforter

Upgrade your comfort and step into a world where your feet feel rejuvenated.

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9 reviews for 4D Insole Comforter – Like Walking on Air

  1. Betty R. (verified owner)

    I had recently purchased a very expensive shoe. These shoes were not comfortable at all! I didn’t want to waste all of that money so I purchased these insoles and they made a huge difference in comfort!

  2. Christine Thomas (verified owner)

    4D Insole are good, this is not the first time

  3. Lonnie Farver (verified owner)

    these 4D insoles are perfect for my steel-toe boots. After my 8-hour shift at the factory my feet feel great without all the ache.

  4. Ricky Santori (verified owner)

    I have very high arches and deal with a significant amount of foot pain. These insoles have really made a difference!

  5. Dylan Campbell (verified owner)

    description is very accurate

  6. Janice Clark (verified owner)

    I love how I can cut these insoles down to the perfect size! They fit perfectly in my high heels.

  7. Nancy Gonzales (verified owner)

    Is what I was looking for great

  8. Elizabeth Hughes (verified owner)

    I liked it. Thank you

  9. Tim Jenners (verified owner)

    As a runner, I need my feet to be adequately supported. These 4D insoles do the trick! I can run in complete comfort. These insoles have helped my performance, too.

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