LED Rechargeable Dog Collar



LED Rechargeable Dog Collar

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The statistics are both frightening and accurate. The dog was hit in almost every one of these accidents for a very basic and avoidable reason: drivers can’t see the dog in the dark and only notice it after it’s too late. At night, even light-colored pets might become an accident waiting to happen.

LED Rechargeable Dog Collar

The remedy is easy and inexpensive: make yourself and your dog more visible to all vehicles at night. No matter how dark the surroundings are, motorists will be able to see you and your dog wearing our LED Rechargeable Collar.

If your dog goes out in the backyard one more time before bed, switching on their LED collar allows you to keep an eye on them at all times! No more stumbling about in the dark with your dog!


  • Save Your Dog’s Life – This collar will keep your dog visible, safe, and seen, which will save its life. This bright lighted LED collar ensures your dog’s safety while also providing maximum visibility in all weather circumstances.
  • Highest Visibility – Our LED dog collars, unlike others, provide the best visibility and are built to last, ensuring that your dog is noticed in the dark far in advance, protecting him from vehicles and other unexpected risks while out walking at night.
  • Rechargeable Battery – The USB rechargeable battery (with cable) provides 5 hours of illumination after a single hour of charging. A charge that lasts for several treks. There is no need to replace batteries, and there are no additional charges.
  • 6 Bright Colors & 6 Different Sizes – It’s available in six different vivid and vibrant colors, as well as six different sizes, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect fit. With only one click, you may switch between steady mode, quick flashing, and slow flashing.
  • Weather-Proof – Don’t worry if your dog is harsh with collars. LED Rechargeable Dog Collars are made to last and are backed by a lifetime warranty. The clip is easy to use, adjustable, and weather-resistant.

Package includes:

  • 1 x LED Rechargeable Dog Collar

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5 reviews for LED Rechargeable Dog Collar

  1. Antonio Williams (verified owner)

    I bought the leash first, then the collar (which is the greatest glow leash I’ve ever owned). The collar is fantastic too. After work, it’s dark, so walking my dog seems safer. The collar isn’t flimsy or cheap, and it charges quickly and lasts long. I don’t use the flashing collar, but I appreciate the possibilities. I should’ve ordered the green because my current leash is green and quite bright, but this one is nice too. My only downside is that it’s huge on my dog and doesn’t adapt nicely (mostly my fault for not measuring). Its range of adjustment is limited. Regardless, I love it and will definitely buy another one. It’s a bit slack on my 90 pound German Shepherd.

  2. Byron Winchell (verified owner)

    My dog and I walk 2 miles after work. Even with my lights, our evening treks have startled several. This was my ideal solution. It’s a great collar! It’s bright enough to see her from afar but not so bright that it bothers her. It has three settings, but I only use one. I also use a harness to avoid tying the leash to the collar. Like that it’s rechargeable and I don’t have to worry about batteries. I also wear it when we visit my sister’s house and she is out in her larger yard. I don’t need to go out with a flashlight to find her. I would and have suggested this product to other dog owners. It’s fantastic!

  3. William Francis (verified owner)

    Just what we needed! a little black dog and a large backyard This stops me from panicking if he stays out late at night to scent the breeze. I bought a small for a 15 pound Lhasa. I should’ve gotten an extra small because I had to tweak it a lot and it’s still loose on him. But it serves our purposes wonderfully. That was a gift I purchased myself.

  4. Gale McElligott (verified owner)

    This collar is perfect for our two puppies now that the evenings and mornings are growing darker. We have one in green and one in blue, both BRIGHT. It provides us peace of mind knowing we can watch them at all times. It’s like going to a rave in our backyard, which has added a lot of fun to our evenings. It’s been fun to watch two glow sticks run and wrestle. Beyond that, we know they will be seen by others, which is a built-in safety feature. We haven’t utilized the leashes yet. We’ll need these for walks once daylight savings finishes. Also, I definitely recommend the leashes!

  5. Amy Pinter (verified owner)

    Red, blue, pink and orange collars. Pink seems orange at night. In comparison to red or orange, blue is nice. My favorite color is orange. I haven’t tried the green or yellow yet, but I’m sure they’d be easy to see. Buying numerous colors allows us to keep track of multiple dogs in a dark park or night activity. So I may comment on the colors.

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How do LED rechargeable dog collars work?



LED rechargeable dog collars typically come with a built-in battery that can be charged using a USB cable. The battery powers the LED lights embedded in the collar, which can be turned on and off or adjusted using a control button or switch.


How long does the battery of an LED rechargeable dog collar last?



The battery life of an LED rechargeable dog collar can vary depending on factors such as the collar's brightness level, lighting mode, and frequency of use. In general, a fully charged battery can last anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on these factors.


Are LED rechargeable dog collars suitable for all dog sizes and breeds?



LED rechargeable dog collars come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different dog sizes and breeds. It's essential to choose the right size collar for your dog's neck circumference to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Additionally, some collars may be more suitable for larger dogs with thicker fur, while others are designed for smaller breeds or puppies.