Massage & Hair Removal Cat Comb



Massage & Hair Removal Cat Comb

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Groom your cat like a pro with the Massage & Hair Removal Cat Comb! This incredible grooming tool gently removes loose hair so that it doesn’t end up on your furniture, clothes, and carpets.

This 2-in-1 Shell Comb also massages your cat’s body leaving him or her feeling purrrr-fectly loved.

With an elastic, ergonomic design that doesn’t scratch the skin of your cat, your fur baby will always be ready to be combed.

Right now, the Massage & Hair Removal Cat Comb is on SALE!


  • Removes loose fur, tangles & knots
  • Massage skin for healthier & shinier fur
  • Prevents painful skin-scratching
  • De-shedding eliminates ticks/fleas
  • Works on long, medium, & short-haired cats
  • Great for cats, dogs, rabbits, & other pets

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Massage & Hair Removal Cat Comb

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15 reviews for Massage & Hair Removal Cat Comb

  1. April J. (verified owner)

    This is the best brush I’ve ever used on my cat! Usually he tolerates a brushing for half the time and then runs off. I have to coax him out from under the couch and it’s a whole event. I saw this brush on a social media ad and decided to try it. He tolerates it so well that he didn’t even run off this time! He loved the brush and purred the entire time I was brushing him. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    It is great for long haired kitties

  3. Patricia Hampton (verified owner)

    Leo’s Paws

  4. Robin Esch (verified owner)

    A soothing way to massage my cat and keep her fur from shedding all over the house.

  5. Sylvia Pauly (verified owner)

    If you are a cat parent you need the Massage & Hair Removal Cat Comb! It’s very easy to use and you get to choose the color of your liking.

  6. Patricia (verified owner)

    My Savannah breed of cat has to have me brush him daily with this great comb. He loves it. Easy to use and hold and really takes off that underneath layer of fuzz.

  7. Theresa L Watkins (verified owner)

    My cat just loves this comb. He gets so relaxed and rolls over on his back (which never happens) so I can comb his belly. So glad I found this comb to get rid of all the extra fur blast that we are going thru right now!

  8. Terry Geasey (verified owner)

    Wow! This comb is awesome. my cat loves crawling up in my lap and getting combed. It was really affordable, too.

  9. Titanium10k (verified owner)

    I was not sure my (stubborn) cat would let me use this on him. At first he took of but now he keeps coming back for more. He purr’s like crazy when I am combing him.

  10. sharon brueske (verified owner)

    I’ve tried multiple cat brushes and this is by far the best. One of the best things you can do for your cats.

  11. Alvin Gibbs (verified owner)

    I no longer have cat hair lying all over my furniture because the gently pulls it off my car. It’s so easy to use!

  12. McKenzie Guthrie (verified owner)

    my cats LOVE it. Spat (the black one) fell asleep while getting brushed and was purring the entire time. Sushi (the cream one) keeps flipping over and making air biscuits when she’s being brushed. It works so well. 100/10 would definitely recommend!! Especially for cats with lots of shedding 🙂

  13. Lina Fuschetto (verified owner)

    My cat loves having her fur combed . It is gentle and well made . I am very glad I purchased this item .

  14. Beth Redmond (verified owner)

    The Massage & Hair Removal Cat Comb is just what my cat, Jeffrey, needed. He loves it and so do I!

  15. Marianne Becker (verified owner)

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How does a massage and hair removal cat comb work?



A massage and hair removal cat comb works by gently running the bristles or teeth through the cat's fur, effectively removing loose hair and detangling knots. The massaging action of the comb helps stimulate the cat's skin, promoting blood flow and relaxation.


How often should I use a massage and hair removal cat comb?



The frequency of grooming with a massage and hair removal cat comb depends on the cat's coat length and shedding tendencies. Generally, it's recommended to groom your cat at least once or twice a week to help manage shedding and prevent mats and tangles from forming.


Is a massage and hair removal cat comb suitable for all cats?



While massage and hair removal cat combs are generally safe for most cats, it's essential to choose a comb with soft, gentle bristles or teeth, especially for cats with sensitive skin or long hair. If your cat has any skin conditions or injuries, consult with your veterinarian before using a grooming tool.