Pet Breath Freshener – Prevents Smelly, Unhealthy Build-up From Forming In Your Dog’s Mouth



Pet Breath Freshener – Prevents Smelly, Unhealthy Build-up From Forming In Your Dog’s Mouth

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Prioritize Your Dog’s Oral Care with Pet Breath Freshener!

When your dog has bad breath it’s kind of hard to enjoy those sloppy kisses they so often want to give you. Bad breath in dogs can be caused by a number of things, especially poor dental health. Our Pet Breath Freshener Spray helps combat common culprits of doggy halitosis as well as keeping teeth and gum in pristine condition.

Our breath spray is very easy to use and dogs love it! When your dog’s teeth and gums are healthy their breath smells better and they can enjoy a longer, healthier life.


  • Great Oral Care – Our spray eradicates bacteria and other odor-causing germs from your dog’s mouth. It plays a vital role in eliminating tartar build-up, plaque, and food residue
  • Decreases Illness – When used consistently, our spray helps prevent periodontal disease and other health ailments
  • No-brush Dental Care – If your doggo hates having their teeth brushed, this spray is the solution! No toothbrushes are needed!
  • Safe Formula – The spray’s ingredients are easy to digest and safe for daily consumption. 100% non-toxic
  • Hassle-Free – All you have to do is spritz the spray into your dog’s mouth. That’s it!


  • Net Content: 60ml

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5 reviews for Pet Breath Freshener – Prevents Smelly, Unhealthy Build-up From Forming In Your Dog’s Mouth

  1. Pauline Webber (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how well this stuff works! My little poodle’s teeth have never looked whiter and her breath has never smelled sweeter!

  2. Buddy Henderson (verified owner)

    My gosh, my dog’s breath smelled like rotting eggs. It was HORRIBLE! It turns out he was having some pretty bad teeth infections. We got the infection cleared up and started using this spray to maintain the health of his teeth and gums. It works! No more infections and no more stinky dog breath.

  3. Dean Corbishly (verified owner)

    This spray has been a real lifesaver for my pet. my dog, mark, hates having his teeth cleaned and normally, at the vet, he needs to be sedated for the procedure. Such an awful experience for poor Mark. This spray makes it so his teeth remain clean without all of that traumatizing hassle.

  4. Laura Pillsbury (verified owner)

    Wonderful product! I can’t believe how easy it is to apply. Within seconds, my dog’s dental care is complete. His breath doesn’t smell like an old gym bag anymore, either 🙂

  5. Oliver Samuels (verified owner)

    A great product that every pet owner should have. It works wonders for your dog’s gum and teeth health.

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