Portable Retractable Stool



Portable Retractable Stool

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The Portable Retractable Stool is an excellent item to have at concerts when standing in a long line, on camping trips, when at the beach, and more!

You’ll love that this portable chair is on SALE!


  • Extreme Weight Bearing Structure – Holds up to 573 pounds!
  • Perfectly Designed -Created for everybody! The structural integrity of the stool is superb!
  • Safe – Heavy-duty, eco-friendly Nylon PA6 material is very strong, Due to great technology and design, the durable telescopic stool has 110 tight connecting clasps and a nonslip bottom for your safety.
  • Convenient – The unique innovative locking clasp system allows the foldable stool to open and close easily in just seconds!
  • Adjustable Height – The folding stool is adjustable and it can be set to your desired height within the range of 2.4 to 18 inches.
  • Portable and Lightweight – The size of the retracted stool is only 25 cm and the entire weight is 1.94 lbs. The adjustable strap makes the stool very easy to carry.
  • Comes With a Stylish Backpack – Easily carry the retracted stool in the included backpack!

How to Use:

  1. Hold the top and bottom with both hands.
  2. Stretch to the desired height.
  3. Rotate clockwise to fix.
  4. Complete the installation.

Note: Be careful to sit on it directly, and make sure it’s locked completely.


  • Stool Dimensions: 10″(25cm) diameter.
  • Weight: 880g(1.94lbs).
  • Strap length: 43 inch(109.22cm).
  • Max stretched height: 18.5 inches(47cm).
  • Max bearing capacity: yellow one 573Lbs, others 330Lbs.
  • Available colors: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue.
  • Material: Black, Red, Blue models are made of PP material and the yellow model is made of Nylon and ABS.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Portable Retractable Stool
  • 1 x Exquisite packaging box
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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5 reviews for Portable Retractable Stool

  1. Crissie Sears (verified owner)

    A cute stool that I use all of the time at my house and when out and about.

  2. Todd Welch (verified owner)

    I’m really happy that I have the Portable Retractable Stool. It’s a nice product that’s affordable.

  3. Bertha Bingsly (verified owner)

    I find the Portable Retractable Stool to be incredibly useful and I’m glad I came across this seller so I could get it at an affordable price. Two thumbs up!

  4. Joe Phelps (verified owner)

    The Portable Retractable Stool made my life so much easier when I was waiting inline to get into the store for Black Friday sales. I had a nice little stool to sit on while I waited.

  5. Paul Sanders (verified owner)

    I have a bad back so standing for long periods of time is a no-go for me. The Portable Retractable Stool has helped greatly improve my quality of life.

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What is the weight capacity of a Portable Retractable Stool?



The weight capacity of a Portable Retractable Stool varies depending on the specific model and design. However, most stools are designed to support the weight of an average adult, with weight capacities ranging from 200 to 300 pounds (90 to 136 kilograms) or more.


How do I use a Portable Retractable Stool?



To use a Portable Retractable Stool, simply extend or unfold the stool to its full height and place it on a stable and flat surface. Sit on the stool and adjust your position as needed to ensure comfort and stability. When finished, retract or fold the stool back to its compact size for storage or transport.


Where can I use a Portable Retractable Stool?



A Portable Retractable Stool can be used in various settings and situations, including: Outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, or picnicking Sporting events or concerts where seating may be limited Traveling or commuting, such as waiting in line or at bus stops Indoor spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, or workshops where additional seating is needed