Aquarium Auto Fish Feeder

Original price was: $59.95.Current price is: $29.95.


Aquarium Auto Fish Feeder

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Original price was: $59.95.Current price is: $29.95.


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The Aquarium Auto Fish Feeder is a very handy product when you are forgetful at feeding your fish or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle. This amazing automatic fish feeder is perfect for almost all aquariums. It’s made from non-toxic materials that are safe for your fish.

Right now, the Aquarium Auto Fish Feeder is on SALE!


  • Adjust the frequency of feedings
  • Adjust the amount of food released
  • Very easy to operate

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Aquarium Auto Fish Feeder
  • 1 x User Manual

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5 reviews for Aquarium Auto Fish Feeder

  1. Avatar Of Emily Eilish

    Emily Eilish (verified owner)

    Such an incredible invention! It fits well in my fish tank and is extremely convenient since I work long hours.

  2. Avatar Of Jane Gillespie

    Jane Gillespie (verified owner)

    A great accessory for my fish tank. This product works exactly as described. Thanks!

  3. Avatar Of Ron Badgerow

    Ron Badgerow (verified owner)

    The Aquarium Auto Fish Feeder works amazingly well! It feeds my fish on a scheduled time and gives them the perfect amount.

  4. Avatar Of John Cutthro

    John Cutthro (verified owner)

    Super easy to install and operate. My fish don’t seem to care that it is in their tank but they love that food comes out of it lol!

  5. Avatar Of Jordan Humberson

    Jordan Humberson (verified owner)

    My parents are elderly and often forget to feed their fish so the Aquarium Auto Fish Feeder has been a godsend for them…and the fish!

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