Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet

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Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet

(18 customer reviews)

Original price was: $59.95.Current price is: $29.95.


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The Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet is the perfect gift for any child or even adult. it’s easy to use, engaging and offers hours of high-quality fun

Right now, the Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet is on SALE!


  • Eco-Friendly: This tablet can be drawn on and erased time and time again saving thousands of sheets of paper in the process
  • Portable: Durable plastic design and LCD screen are perfect for taking with you on the go
  • High-Tech: Pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface creates lines of different thicknesses based on how hard you push
  • Vision-Safe: LCD screen procures no radiation or glare making it safe on the eyes for prolonged periods


  • Panel: Flexible LCD screen
  • Material: LCD, ABS plastic
  • Size: 230 x 148 x 9mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet
  • 1 x Plastic Stylus
  • 2 x Magnets
  • 1 x Color Box

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18 reviews for Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet

  1. Avatar Of Harold Groves

    Harold Groves (verified owner)

    My wife and I leave love notes to each other on this digital tablet. It’s fun and easy to use.

  2. Avatar Of Caleb G.

    Caleb G. (verified owner)

    What an awesome little tablet! No paper waste and very low on energy. My kids love it.

  3. Avatar Of Oliver Rizzo

    Oliver Rizzo (verified owner)

    An awesome little digital writing tablet! I use it to leave my family notes.

  4. Avatar Of Ralph Ruiz

    Ralph Ruiz (verified owner)

    Excellent buy my son has fun, learns, and improves his writing and drawing I recommend it

  5. Avatar Of Sonya Jones

    Sonya Jones (verified owner)

    A fun little drawing tablet that never gets boring. The drawing possibilities are endless!

  6. Avatar Of Katherine Brooks

    Katherine Brooks (verified owner)

    Recomendation for seller, fast delivery. Great for kids or like reminder

  7. Avatar Of John Levine

    John Levine (verified owner)

    Excellent product of good quality. We have fun with

  8. Avatar Of Gary Torres

    Gary Torres (verified owner)

    I like it very much. Thank you

  9. Avatar Of Jenny Sears

    Jenny Sears (verified owner)

    I ordered a bundle of the Portable Electronic Drawing Tablets for my kindergarten classroom and the kids love them! It’s perfect for drawing pictures, shapes, and more.

  10. Avatar Of Betty Sanchez

    Betty Sanchez (verified owner)

    I got this for my niece, I know it be useful to her in terms of learning. They are lovely.

  11. Avatar Of Judith Sanchez

    Judith Sanchez (verified owner)

    It’s very beautiful

  12. Avatar Of Lydia R.

    Lydia R. (verified owner)

    I purchased a Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet for my grandson and he loves playing with it. He draws for hours when he is visiting my home.

  13. Avatar Of Carol Genevieve

    Carol Genevieve (verified owner)

    This digital tablet is a lot of fun to use. it isn’t too bright on my eyes, either. I enjoy playing tic-tac-toe on it with my grandson.

  14. Avatar Of Frances Adams

    Frances Adams (verified owner)

    My boy loved it, I recommend it to practice writing

  15. Avatar Of Roman Felderbash

    Roman Felderbash (verified owner)

    A real handy device that doesn’t waste paper. Affordable & fun!

  16. Avatar Of Greg Mau

    Greg Mau (verified owner)

    I really like that they are not overly complicated to use. You can add your own string to the pen, I ordered the 3 pack since I have 3 littles around the same age and they love that they can draw and see the different colors and then erase it and start over again or they can lock it so it will not erase.

  17. Avatar Of Barb Kollerad

    Barb Kollerad (verified owner)

    The Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet is great for kids learning to draw, spell, and more. My girls really enjoy using theirs and it was affordable, too!

  18. Avatar Of Dave Weimer

    Dave Weimer (verified owner)

    My kids really like using their Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet. I think I need to order one for each of them because the argue over who gets to use the one that we have. They really love this thing!

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How does a Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet work?



A Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet works by translating the user's input from the stylus pen into digital lines, shapes, and strokes on the tablet's surface. The pressure-sensitive surface detects the pressure applied by the stylus pen, allowing for varying line thickness and opacity based on the user's drawing pressure. Users can interact with the tablet's interface, navigate menus, and access drawing tools using the stylus pen and customizable buttons or shortcut keys on the tablet's surface.


What types of artwork can be created with a Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet?



A Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet can be used to create a wide range of digital artwork, including: Illustrations Sketches Comics and manga Concept art Digital paintings Graphic designs Photo retouching and editing Animation and storyboard creation


How do you use a Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet?



To use a Portable Electronic Drawing Tablet, follow these general steps: Power on the tablet and stylus pen, ensuring that they are fully charged or connected to a power source if necessary. Launch your preferred drawing software or digital art application on the tablet or connected device. Use the stylus pen to interact with the tablet's surface, drawing, sketching, or painting directly on the screen to create artwork. Experiment with different brush settings, line weights, colors, and drawing techniques to achieve the desired effects and style. Take advantage of customizable buttons, shortcut keys, and multi-touch gestures to streamline your workflow and access drawing tools and commands quickly. Save your artwork frequently to prevent loss of progress and export or share your finished creations digitally with others.