Swivel Paint Roller – Paint Like A Pro!

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Swivel Paint Roller – Paint Like A Pro!

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Original price was: $59.95.Current price is: $29.95.


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Swivel Paint Roller – Paint Like A Pro!

Painting doesn’t have to be a major drag. However, when you’re using tape, a fleet of brushes, and rollers that scrape your walls, it totally is! That’s why we created the Swivel Paint Roller. This device is PERFECT for painting corners, railings, and corners by way of the unique swivel design. It allows you to effortlessly paint multiple surfaces at once! Edge ceilings, floorboards, and around objects like a pro.

Due to the super absorbent fibers, the rollers lock in paint so that it won’t drip off until they have come in contact with the desired surface. No more dripping, splattering, or paint wasting!


  • Adjust the rollers so they work at different angles
  • Keeping two of the rollers flat, you can paint an entire flat wall, plus inside corners
  • You can move the rollers so that they create a right angle, which allows for the painting of outside corners and small areas
  • Easily paint two sides of an object at the same time by locking the paint roller in the two-sided position and putting the object to be painted in between

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5 reviews for Swivel Paint Roller – Paint Like A Pro!

  1. Avatar Of Gloria Steiner

    Gloria Steiner (verified owner)

    A great paint roller that makes painting much easier. I’m excited to use this roller on my new home!

  2. Avatar Of Jill Bellman

    Jill Bellman (verified owner)

    Wow! This roller makes paint so much easier! I can get around corners and edging is simple as pie. No more taping off the entire room!

  3. Avatar Of Bradley Anderson

    Bradley Anderson (verified owner)

    An excellent paint roller that takes a bit of a learning curve to use but once you get the hang of it it’s cake!

  4. Avatar Of Georgia Sams

    Georgia Sams (verified owner)

    I hate painting. Like, legit despise it. However, I’m good at it so everyone and their brother asks me to paint their homes. I came across this swivel roller and it makes painting so much more enjoyable. Now, i don’t hesitate so much to take on painting gigs.

  5. Avatar Of Denny Zeal

    Denny Zeal (verified owner)

    Finally, a paint roller that doesn’t suck! This product is A-1! I’m so glad that I stumbled across it. I use it in my painting business on a daily basis.

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