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Having a hard time seeing what you’re sewing can be a real drag! That’s why we created the Sewing Machine Light Strip! It works amazingly well and provides you with just the right amount of light that you need in order to complete your sewing projects.


  • BRIGHT LIGHTS FOR DAYS: Equipped with 24 powerful LED lights, our light strip transforms your sewing experience!
  • CRISP, WHITE LIGHT: Blue/purple light allows you to comfortably see fine details without straining your eyes. You’ll see immediate quality improvement in seams, hems, top stitching, quilting, and applique work!
  • CUSTOMIZED SIZING: Our light strip is able to be resized with scissors. Simply cut the strip to fit your machine. it’s that simple!
  • EASY INSTALLATION: You’ll get everything you need to easily install the LED light strip! There are no special tools required except for scissors.
  • NO SHADOWING: Shadows can cause your stitching to be off. Our light strip deters shadows from being cast onto your work space. Never deal with thread or fabric bunching! Your work will always be accurate.

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  1. Greg Stone (verified owner)

    My wife says she can see so much better when she’s sewing. Especially dark thread on dark color fabric. So glad I made the purchase for her. Also works great for my workspace. Win win!

  2. Pearl Ditter (verified owner)

    Wow! I’ve never been more impressed by a strip of lights in my life! I can’t believe how bright they are! I know longer have to squint and struggle to see my thread. Plus, the strip is incredibly easy to install. A 100% hassle-free product.

  3. Ronald Patterson (verified owner)

    I used this strip light because it was the perfect size for a small cabinet that I hadn’t be able to light. This is considered a cool white and while the rest of my cabinets are a warm light this still works for me. I can see things better. Fast shipping

  4. Danyelle Erickson (verified owner)

    I liked my light so much, I ordered one for my Mom and one for my sister Such a great help. My mom is 87 years old and it helps her see her projects so much better. I do alterations, so mine is a great help as well.

  5. Vanessa Steel (verified owner)

    Really happy with the light. It really like lights up work area. I have all 3 I ordered now, for me & my girls.

  6. Denise Amerillo (verified owner)

    I can see my work much easier now…..great Idae..and cheaper than a sewing lamp….I am so happy with my purchase

  7. Tom Holdbrook (verified owner)

    Years ago, my grandmother taught me how to sew and I’ve loved it ever since. As I am getting older, my eyes are getting worse. This LED light strip really helps illuminate my work area so I can see what I’m doing better. I’m so glad that these lights have made it possible for me to continue doing what I love…sewing!

  8. Lydia F. (verified owner)

    I got this light strip as a birthday gift from my co-worker. It is absolutely amazing! I’m so glad that I have this lighting system in my life.

  9. Javier Escobar (verified owner)

    My wife stays busy with her sewing machine now that she is able to see better. She had put it away for a while before now. Impressed with communication by seller and fast shipping.

  10. Lori Tines (verified owner)

    This is by far the best LED light strip for my sewing machine. I’ve never seen anything like it! It never casts shadows and it is ultra-bright! Love it! I even bought one for my mother who is 87 years old. It really helps her see what she is sewing.

  11. Sergio W (verified owner)

    A superb light and help. Has made a huge difference to my sewing : clarifies so much, makes it all a great deal easier. Wish I’d got one long ago!

  12. Kaitlyn Sanford (verified owner)

    I’m a professional seamstress and I can tell you that this sewing machine light strip is the real deal! It truly does keep you from making mistakes because you can see so well!

  13. Susie Green (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my mum and she absolutely loves it! She likes to make clothes for her grandchildren but because of my dad, she only has free time at night. This helped her tremendously! Will be getting one for myself.

  14. Scott Wright (verified owner)

    My wife purchased these lights for her sewing, but since she got a couple extra I decided to give them a try as well. Works perfectly in my cabinets and storage spaces. Might get a few more for the garage. Quick shipping

  15. Amanda Allen (verified owner)

    This item arrived just on time. I make Christmas sweaters every year for my grandkids, and this is going to help me finish in half the time. Fast shipping and great seller. Thank you

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