Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl



Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl

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Feeding time with your little one should be enjoyable! However, life happens and it can be very messy! That’s why the Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl comes in handy. This non-toxic plastic bowl is designed to be spill-proof! It firmly sits on any hard surface like a table or height chair tray.

Choose between two fun colors.

The bowl is great for all types of food including oatmeal, porridge, cereal, soup, and even snack crackers.

Right now, the Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl is on SALE!

Package includes:

  • 1 x Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl

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5 reviews for Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl

  1. Holly Jones (verified owner)

    The Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl is just what our twins needed! We purchased the pink bowls for our little girls. It’s an excellent product.

  2. Pearl Wilbur (verified owner)

    The best bowl for feeding toddlers oatmeal in. The thing is virtually spill-proof. love it!

  3. Liza Gatto (verified owner)

    A perfect bowl for little ones learning to eat on their own. Excellent design!

  4. Samantha Smith (verified owner)

    The bowl sits with stability on the breakfast counter and we no longer have spills! Plus, it’s super affordable!

  5. Shanda Kemper (verified owner)

    Wow! I’m super excited about the Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl! my kids love their little bowls, too.

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How does a Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl work?



A Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl works by utilizing the principles of gyroscopic motion to keep its contents secure and spill-proof. The inner bowl is designed to rotate freely within the outer shell, allowing it to adjust its position and remain upright even when the bowl is tilted or turned upside down. This rotation helps to prevent spills and messes, making it ideal for use with young children or during travel.


What types of food can be used with a Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl?



A Spill-Proof Gyro Bowl can be used to hold a variety of foods and snacks, including: Dry snacks: Such as crackers, pretzels, cereal, and trail mix. Wet foods: Such as fruit slices, vegetables, yogurt, and dip. Liquids: Such as milk, juice, water, and soup (when used with the lid).