This Magic Towel Will Dry Your Hair in Minutes!



This Magic Towel Will Dry Your Hair in Minutes!

(21 customer reviews)



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Largest Selection of Rapid Drying Hair Towels (Check Colors)

Tired of dealing with sloppy wet hair falling all over the place, getting in your face while you’re trying to get ready? Introducing DryWow our patented quick-drying towel that’ll have you ready in minutes!

Magic Towel Rapid Dry Towel

Magic Towel Rapid Dry Towel

This Magic Towel Will Dry Your Hair in Minutes


DryWow is insanely absorbent, it’s like a sponge! Simply place it on your head, snap it in place and voila! Instantly start feeling your hair drying out so you can get on with your day.

This Magic Towel Will Dry Your Hair in Minutes


Made of a super-soft microfiber material this amazing hair drying towel won’t fall off your head or get in your way, like other towels.. it stays securely on your head without unraveling.. hurray!

This Magic Towel Will Dry Your Hair in Minutes


No more running out the door with sopping wet hair getting you and your clothing wet.. simply pop this baby on your head, wait a few minutes, and bam! You’re greenlit to go, go, go!

This Magic Towel Will Dry Your Hair in Minutes

This Magic Towel Will Dry Your Hair in Minutes


So if you’re looking for a great winter season gift idea, or you’re just looking to spread some holiday cheer grab a DryWow hair drying towel and see yourself satisfied time and time again.

This Magic Towel Will Dry Your Hair in Minutes

This Magic Towel Will Dry Your Hair in Minutes



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21 reviews for This Magic Towel Will Dry Your Hair in Minutes!

  1. Ron W. (verified owner)

    Purchased these as a gift for my wife, my mother, and my mother in law. I scored on these! Great price, and quick shipping. I ordered last minute out of bad habits but it worked out great because items arrived on time. They were as they described, and I haven’t heard any complaints! Awesome buy!

  2. Soraya Harpe (verified owner)

    I recommend this product for people with damaged hair as well. It really protects the hair and doesn’t pull on it. I only brush my hair after they are dry so this product helps me save time! My hair dries super quickly! Great customer service and quick shipping is the cherry on top!

  3. Ashley P (verified owner)

    Doesn’t snag my hair. Perfect fit. Love all the colors. Will get some for my sister in law and Mom!

  4. K. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I ordered a pair of white towels. Very satisfied with them! Inside everything is neatly stitched, nothing sticks out anywhere. I took two at once, so that it was more convenient to use, for example, while one in washing-the other in the process of use. I think in the future i will definitely buy more! Thank you very much!

  5. Josie Hart (verified owner)

    Great quality. Cute and quirky colors. Makes it fun to lounge around the house while I work from home. I got slippers to match. This product arrived super quick so I am going to order more for my friends birthday!

  6. Vickie (verified owner)

    Nice fabric. Soft. This is not microfiber and is exactly as advertised.

  7. Sam Foster (verified owner)

    I never used to wear my hair down because my curls were too crazy and frizzy. But this towel made all the difference!! My curls are so much healthier and I love sporting them now. I also love how I can wear this easily as a head wrap while I do my makeup. Highly recommend

  8. Sana Sandhu (verified owner)

    Very satisfied. Towels arrived just as described. High quality and a good size. I got one for me and each of my daughters. There are a variety of colors so I’m going to order one for my mom as well!

  9. MarlainaN (verified owner)

    Honestly, I’ve had long hair for most of my life and I’ve never used this before and I don’t know why! This towel is awesome! So much lighter than having a huge towel wrapped around my hair and I like that I can leave it on for a bit after my shower and it stays in place. It’s very absorbent.Also, I like to think of myself as semi-intelligent but it took me a good month or so to figure out that the button (wide) part goes at the back of my head…. Just in case anyone else is struggling to get this to work for you. I had been trying to use it with the button at the top of my head (above my forehead) like an idiot haha. Glad I got it figured out eventually!

  10. Georgina Jordan (verified owner)

    I love love love this towel. It doesn’t feel heavy on my head, and it dries my hair super quick. I also like that it doesn’t pull my hair when I take it off. It’s made with quality material. I love all the pretty colors.

  11. Wanda Skye (verified owner)

    Good size. Very soft. Will get more colors soon. Quick shipping. Thanks!

  12. Sheree Watson (verified owner)

    Water absorption is up to par. Good quality, great material. Microfiber is one of my favorites for hair. Love that it doesn’t damage my hair like other heavier towels. Good sizing. Fits most!

  13. Frank P. Fox (verified owner)

    Very nice and soft, fabric doesn’t hurt hair at all, and it doesn’t get stuck, for the price is great, it is also very comfortable to place as it wears a button does not fall down

  14. Lloyd (verified owner)

    The goods are quality, everything is like in the description, the threads do not stick out anywhere. I liked it. Thank you very much

  15. E. Sanchez (verified owner)

    Really nice microfiber towel. Stitched well, to the touch pleasant, the button is sewn firmly,and absorbs water well and dries quickly,

  16. L. Wharton (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, consistent with the description arrival in good condition well packaged I recommend.

  17. Malyssa Nicole (verified owner)

    I love this thing!*Disclaimer* I am lazy and will do anything to make my life easier.I hate blow drying my hair and since I have so much of it, its can be daunting to manage. Full size towels are always falling out and the bulk gives me a headache, so I wanted to try these wraps.Boy have they been a lifesaver! Even just leaving my hair in the wrap for 10 minutes, dries my hair so much faster than a normal towel.However, I do not think this would be ideal for someone with longer hair, as it’s not super long. I have about shoulder-length hair and it works for me fine.

  18. Charlie Wang (verified owner)

    Perfect size. Stays on. Hair drys fast.

  19. Marla Gray (verified owner)

    I love it. It really helps with frizz and if I want to leave my hair curly I just wash it and put the towel and it gets my curls set!

  20. Lizenheimer (verified owner)

    I’ve dried my curly hair with a terry towel all my life. But I thought I’d change up my morning routine and give one of these towel wraps a go. And I love it. No going back. Soaks up tons of water, keeps my hit out of my fave while I keep getting ready, and kickstarts my curls without adding frizz. Love, love, love it. Will definitely be buying more.

  21. Wendy Yu (verified owner)

    I have really curly hair, and I love this towel because it protects my curls. I spend less time untangling my hair after the shower because of this towel. LIFE saver for me! Thanks!

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