Tooth Fairy Box – A Treasured Memory Maker



Tooth Fairy Box – A Treasured Memory Maker

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Tooth Fairy Box – A Treasured Memory Maker

The Tooth Fairy Box is a charming keepsake designed to safely store children’s lost teeth. It often features whimsical designs and comes in various shapes and sizes, resembling tiny treasure chests or miniature houses. This special box provides a delightful way for children to participate in the tradition of exchanging lost teeth for a small gift from the Tooth Fairy.

Remember those childhood days of losing teeth and waiting for the Tooth Fairy to come? You’d snuggle down into your bed and excitedly will yourself to sleep so morning would come and you could collect what she left you.

Now, it’s your child’s turn to experience the magic. How about turning the magic up a notch with a Tooth Fairy Box?

Our non-toxic box is eco-friendly and made from gorgeous wood. It is the ideal place for your kids to keep their teeth as the fall out. Each tooth is looked upon as a treasure. You can explain to your children that the Tooth Fairy allows them to keep their teeth in the box!

Another great feature of this box is it can be used as a teaching tool for showing your children what each tooth is called. Each tooth compartment is labeled. How fun!


  • High-quality eco-friendly pinewood
  • Capacity for 22 teeth
  • Two designs available: for boys and for girls
  • All the texts in the box are in English
  • Box size: 12 x 11.5 x 3 cm (4.7 x 4.5 x 1.2 inch)

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7 reviews for Tooth Fairy Box – A Treasured Memory Maker

  1. Scott Moses (verified owner)

    It came to me in the exact time, it is very nice

  2. Ethan Kim (verified owner)

    Good quality my wife very happy seller thanks.

  3. Caleb Bulla (verified owner)

    My wife told me the other day that she wanted this Tooth Fairy box for our twin boys. Being the amazing husband that I am, bought them for her. She was thrilled! I gotta say, the box is pretty cool.

  4. Riley Stone (verified owner)

    The wooden design and detail of the tooth fairy box is so nice! You’ll love putting your child’s teeth in the box to have as “treasures”. Your kids will get a huge kick out of it!

  5. Robin Brewer (verified owner)

    This wooden box is fun! I am pregnant right now with my first baby and someone gifted me the tooth fairy box as a baby shower gift. i can’t wait to use it when my baby gets older and starts losing teeth.

  6. Shar H. (verified owner)

    My mom and dad got each of our 5 kids a Tooth Fairy box. I saved all of my oldest children’s baby teeth and I can’t wait to put them all in their little boxes.

  7. Carrie Krohn (verified owner)

    My little girls LOVE their tooth fairy boxes. Such an adorable idea. I’m sure they will enjoy seeing their baby teeth in this cute little box when they get older.

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