Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper



Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper

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When you find that your windshield is completely frozen and iced over in the morning before work you probably feel pretty frustrated! You can turn that anxiety into relief when you have the Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper!

This amazing manual accessory blasts through ice, snow, and dirt like nobody’s business! Plus, it has an ergonomic handle that offers great grip!

Right now, the Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper is on SALE!


  • Easily removes thick ice and snow
  • durable and made from high-quality materials
  • Anti-skid material keeps it from slipping and sliding
  • Stainless steel blade quickly and safely removes snow & ice
  • Ergonomic handle
  • The portable & compact design makes it easy to store


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver+rubber+ABS
  • Size: 18.5*11.1 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper

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5 reviews for Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper

  1. Terry Lewis (verified owner)

    This is the best ice scraper I’ve ever owned. Hands down.

  2. Walter Willis (verified owner)

    I highly recommend the Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper to anyone who needs to quickly and efficiently remove ice and snow from their windshield.

  3. Clark Rumsworth (verified owner)

    An extremely affordable ice scraper that gets the job done!

  4. Dorothy Jones (verified owner)

    I am overjoyed by how well the Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper works! I live in Michigan and during the winter we see some pretty severe ice and snow accumulation. It doesn’t stand a chance on my windshield against this scraper!

  5. Sylvia Johnson (verified owner)

    I am so glad I found this helpful seller who answered all of my question pertaining to the Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper. The product was affordable, arrived on-time, and works exactly as described.

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How does a Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper work?



A Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper works by using its sharp blade or scraping edge to break up and remove snow, ice, and frost from vehicle windshields and windows. The user holds the scraper by its handle and applies pressure to the blade, scraping it along the surface of the windshield to dislodge and remove the frozen precipitation. The process may be repeated as needed until the windshield is clear and visibility is restored.


What types of vehicles can a Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper be used on?



A Windshield Snow & Ice Scraper can be used on a wide range of vehicles, including: Cars Trucks SUVs Vans RVs Motorcycles (for clearing smaller windows and mirrors)